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Information services

The GAELS Pilot Project aims to develop a joint electronic information service in support of engineering research at Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities, together with an information skills training package.

The information service is likely to include improved reciprocal access to the engineering collections at the two institutions, the provision of an enhanced document delivery service, both from local holdings and via interlibrary loan, and an integrated approach to remote electronic resources.

The development process will have three parts:

  1. an information audit to establish the context in which the project is taking place; the nature of existing collections, services and access arrangements; and the information needs and information-seeking behaviour of users
  2. a feasibility study to investigate in detail the various options available to us
  3. the design, implementation and evaluation of the service.

It is anticipated that the information audit and feasibility study will be completed by the end of the academic session 1998-1999, and that a pilot service will be launched in the session 1999-2000.

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GAELS is a collaborative project run jointly by Strathclyde University and Glasgow University, and funded by a SHEFC Strategic Change Initiative grant.   University of Glasgow/University of Strathclyde 1999. 
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