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This help facility at present takes the form of Frequently Asked Questions. As the course isn't fully operational yet, there aren't many of these. If you are using this course in the context of a workshop, ask your teacher for assistance. Otherwise, check the contact details at the bottom of this page for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find information in the Information Skills Training course?

If you want information on a particular topic, all parts of GAELS can be searched using the Search page. This contains a form asking you to enter a relevant search term. When the search has finished, you will be given a list of relevant items plus an indication of how well matched to your search term these are.

Alternatively, all of GAELS is browsable, that is you can follow links from topic to topic through the site. You can start by using the main Contents page to find the relevant module, and then use the module contents lists at the beginning of each module to find relevant topics. alternatively you can use the Course Map, which is always available from the button set at the bottom of the pages

  How should I use these pages for self-study?

That depends on your goal. If you want to learn how to improve your overall information skills, you can follow the course through from Module 1 to 3, taking each unit in turn, and performing the various activities as you go. Some of the activities involve the use of external software, in particular online databases, electronic journals and WWW sites. You should make sure that you have access to the appropriate sources, including passwords where necessary, before you start. Library staff (see below) can provide passwords.

If you want to learn for a particular task, for instance how to do Boolean searching, you can go to the relevant unit directly using the Course map, or use the Search page to find specific items.

   How long does the course take?

Again, that depends. One reason for using the WWW is that people learn at different speeds, and much depends on your previous knowledge.  However, even the longest units last an hour or so at most, and the course as a whole can be taught as part of a day's workshop.

  I seem to have lost the GAELS course window. What's happened to it?

You have probably hidden it under a database window. When you log on to database services they often open a new browser window. The GAELS course window will be underneath the database window. Click on the title bar of the database window and hold the mouse button down to move it until you can see the course window again.



In the case of problems, either with using the course or with its content, please contact Susan Ashworth. Some problems, for instance speed of loading pages, failure of graphics images to load, or failure of forms to work, may be connected with the hardware or software, such as the WWW browser you are using. You are advised to check with local technical support.

Subject enquiries

If you have subject-specific enquiries in engineering that are not answered by this course, you can contact the subject librarians for engineering. These are:

Glasgow University
Susan Ashworth

Strathclyde University
Diane Lindsay
Nick Joint

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