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GAELS Biomedical Information Skills 

This is a computer-aided learning package designed for advanced students and staff in Life Sciences. It is intended to provide learning and support in all aspects of your information seeking. It was constructed as part of the GAELS project, a joint exercise in collaborative training and information provision run by the libraries of the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde. To find out more about this project you can visit the GAELS Project Information pages. 

Who should use these learning materials?

These learning materials are intended for use by post-graduate and Honours Life Sciences students based at Glasgow University and Strathclyde University. The emphasis is on finding and using biomedical information in the context of the resources available at these universities. However, there are a number of generic skills covered in the 'Managing Your Information for Research' module, so it is likely that learners from other disciplines and other universities could find this module useful. It is also likely to be of use to new members of staff or those seeking to update their information skills.

The learning materials require that learners undertake practical exercises using a number of external online resources. Users outside the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow will not be able to access many of these resources without the required passwords, which are only available within these institutions. If you are using the learning materials from outside these institutions, you may find that these services are also available locally, or that a substitute may be arranged.

What you need to view this course

This prototype version of the course is optimised for Netscape v3.0 and Internet Explorer v4.0. There are no frames in this version.

Course requirements

The course does not teach basic library skills, and you should have some experience in using academic libraries. A networked course in basic library skills is available via  Clyde Virtual University (CVU). You should have basic computer skills, including use of the mouse. No other previous knowledge is required.

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GAELS is a collaborative project run jointly by Strathclyde University and Glasgow University, and funded by a SHEFC Strategic Change Initiative grant.   University of Glasgow/University of Strathclyde 1999. 
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